RTB Playing Cards


A KidSport Comox Valley Fundraiser!

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The RTB playing cards measure 63mm x 88mm and are professionally printed onto 400gsm gloss card.

You will receive a complete deck of RTB cards of all of your favourite RTB Rockstars! The backs will feature the RTB logo. Bust these out at your next poker tournament or camping trip!

Choose a card to be featured on, order it here, then send your non-filtered picture to info@runtobeer.com within a week so we can start building the deck. The same background will be applied to everyone’s picture (we will have a vote on what to use once the deck is sold out). You can pose any way you like or use an existing race photo but must be wearing an RTB shirt (you can borrow one on a Tuesday). If you are wearing a hat, it needs to be RTB. This is to keep the deck consistent.

Prices vary depending on your selected card. There is only 1 card for each available.

Joker – $100
Ace – $50
King – $40
Queen – $35
Jack – $30
Low Cards – $25

JOKERS – You must select any suit to purchase (jokers are not suited – it’s just how the website works for this ordering).

DELIVERY DATES – We are hoping these are ready for September but need to fill all 54 cards before putting the order together.

In the last 3.5 years, KidSport Comox Valley has given out over $60,000 in grants to help children in our community with financial barriers participate in Sports. All proceeds stay in our community helping our local kids participate. We are expecting to raise about $500 through this fundraiser for KidSport! More details on their organization can be found here: https://kidsportcanada.ca/british-columbia/comox-valley/