RTB Rockstar Bus – 2022 VIRA Race Series


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Ride in style and get to/from the VIRA racers safely amongst friends!

We’ve got a 54 seater lined up – washroom on board, room to stretch out, professional driver and less vehicles on the road.

We are organizing the bus with volunteer time and on a cost-share basis. Please helpful and

Boring, general, important things:

COVID – Public Health Order requires all passengers to be masked while on board. Vaccination is not required, but the individual races may require it – check before booking. There’s no mask-police on the bus, but please wear them so everyone knows what to expect and feels comfortable.

Refunds – We need to commit to the cost-sharing of the bus, so no refunds with 5 days or less to go before the race.  If we need to cancel the bus for some reason and there’s no cost to us, then you will be refunded in whole. If you cannot make it, please find someone else to take your seat on the bus.

No alcohol on board. This is a strict policy of the coach service (not ours).  We’ll have time for post-race beers/food before heading home, please enjoy there not on the bus.

Cleaning/Damage – A standard cleaning fee is already included. There is an additional $200 fee for any cleaning body fluids. Any damages will be paid for by the passenger that caused it.

Funding – All proceeds will go towards the cost of the bus. Excess funds, if any, will first go to driver gratuity (up to 10%), then the remaining will roll into the cost of the next race bus. If there are any funds remaining at the end of the race series, they will be donated to a local non-profit.

Race Registration:

Register for the races here (click the images on the home page to register for individual races): http://www.islandseries.org/

Other Races

Let’s work out the kinks of the first bus, then will open up for the following races!


Additional information

VIRA Races

Harriers Pioneer 8k, Cobble Hill 10k, Hatley Castle 8k, Sooke River 10k, Bazen Bay 5K